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About the Photographer

Michelle Blake has been taking pictures since 2007. Although she has always enjoyed working with a variety of artistic mediums, Michelle discovered her passion for photography when she brought her new camera to a local bicycle race. As her images grew in popularity among the racers, she began providing photographs and content for multiple cycling publications. In 2010 she started taking photography courses to study both the creative and technical aspects of the art form. In the years following Michelle decided to begin pursuing photography professionally and she is currently focusing on documentary and product photography.

When she is not taking pictures Michelle enjoys swing dancing, running, mountain biking, and simply being outside.

Occasionally Asked Questions

I saw you taking pictures at an event today, when will they be available to view and purchase?

I try to get my photographs up as soon as possible after each event, which can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on how many photos I took.

I saw you point your camera at me but I can't find the picture anywhere. Where are you hiding it?

There are a couple of possible reasons that you can't find a photo. The most likely is that auto-focus betrayed me and the picture I took is blurry. Often, at the high-paced events I photograph at, I have very little opportunity to snag another shot, though I do try my best in such a situation. Another possible reason is you (or someone else in the photo) has a very unflattering appearance in the image I captured. My goal as a photographer is to get a good photo of everyone and I want people to be happy when they see photos I took, not embarrassed by the weird face they're making. It is also possible that I didn't actually take the picture despite pointing my camera at you (perhaps for one of the above reasons).

I apologize for whatever reason why the photo you're looking for isn't there. I have no desire to hide good photos from anyone and I try to make every photo perfect but some things are out of my control. If you're absolutely, completely, entirely determined to find a photo you're convinced I took then please email me, but there is likely a very good reason why it wasn't uploaded originally.

I am making a terrible face in one of these photos. I hate it. Can you make it go away?

Sure. Send me an email with the photo number and the gallery it is located in and I can take it down. I try to only share good photos of people but sometimes I miss things or what I might perceive as an acceptable expression could be embarrassing to the subject. However, please don't ask to me to take down photos of you because you're on workers comp and weren't supposed to be out exercising, or because I got a good photo of your ex-girlfriend and you don't like seeing her with another man; That's your problem.

I don't understand how to purchase photos and/or I'm getting an error message when I try to buy something.

The website I use to sell my images is SmugMug. I upload the pictures and they handle printing and shipping when somebody purchases one. If you are having difficulty understanding the purchasing options I recommend looking at this page HERE because the articles there are very detailed and informative.

If you are getting an error message or something isn't working my recommendations are:

-Try using this link: mblakephotography.smugmug.com Sometimes my .net domain creates issues where you cannot access the shopping cart. I'm still investigating the cause of this problem.

-Try another computer or browser.

-Ask your local tech-savvy teenager for help.

-Wait an hour and try again.

If it persists please send me an email with as much information as you can (specifically, the number and gallery name of the photo(s) you are trying to purchase and the error message itself). I may not be able to personally fix the problem but I can contact SmugMug support and try to figure out the issue.

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